.Rtsmap Property (Selected Platforms Only)


Sets/returns the number of the I/O line that will act as RTS/W0out/cout output  of currently selected serial port (selection is made through ser.num).


Enum (pl_io_num, byte)

Value Range:

Platform-specific, see the list of pl_io_num constants in the platform specifications.

See Also:

Three modes of the Serial Port, Serial Settings



This property is only available on selected platforms. For more information, refer to your device's platform documentation (for example, EM1000's is here).

Default value of this property is different for each serial port. See the list of pl_int_num constants in the platform specifications — it shows default values as well.

Absolutely any I/O line can be selected by this property, as long as this line is not occupied by some other function. Property value can only be changed when the port is closed (ser.enabled= 0- NO).

On certain platforms, you may need to configure the line as output. This is done through the io.enabled property of the io object.