Properties, Methods, Events

This section provides an alphabetical list of all properties, methods, and events of the ser object. For your convenience, here is a hierarchical map of the serial port's events, properties and methods.

All properties, methods, and events under ser.num are shown as sub-nodes of this property because they refer to a serial port currently selected by the ser.num. The _on_ser_data_sent event is subordinate to the set.notifysent method because this method needs to be called each time you want to receive the _on_ser_data_sent.

The ser.ctsmap, ser.rtsmap, sys.buffalloc, ser.redir, and ser.mode are subordinate to ser.enabled because they can be changed (or have effect) only when ser.enabled= 0- NO (the sys.buffalloc method is not a part of the ser object but its use is required for normal serial port operation- this is why it is listed here).

Ser.baudrate, ser.parity, ser.bits, ser.esctype, and ser.interface are only relevant in the UART mode of operation.

Ser.escchar is only relevant when ser.esctype is not DISABLED.