Ser.Div9600 R/O Property


Returns the value to which the ser.baudrate property must be set in order to achieve the baudrate of 9600bps on the current device and under present conditions.



Value Range:


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Serial Settings


"Smart" applications will use this property to set baudrates in a platform-independent fashion. Even for the same device, the value required to achieve 9600bps may be different at different times. For example, some devices have PLLs (see sys.currentpll). Enabling and disabling PLL changes the clock frequency of the device and this affects the value returned by ser.div9600.

The value may also differ between the serial ports on the same device. An example of such device is the TPP3W-G2. On this module, the ser.div9600 value for UART3 is different from the value for UARTS0~2.