Define Required Settings

Add BR, EG, UT, and DS variables using STG library's configurator. You should end up with a setting table as shown below. Some things to notice:

  • The Timestamp is enabled. This is required by the AggreGate library.
  • The BR setting has the maximum value of 13. This is because we will support 14 different baudrates (0~13).
  • The EG setting has the maximum value of 1. On the AggreGate side it will be boolean, hence there are only two possible values for it: 0 and 1.
  • The UT setting is limited to 255 max. This is measure in half-second intervals (this is how often the on_sys_timer event is generated).
  • The DS setting resides in the volatile memory (RAM). This is a read-only parameter that simply reflects the door state, so it makes no sense to put it into the EEPROM.