.Greenmap Property


For the selected LED channel (selection is made through the pat.channel property), sets/returns the number of the I/O line that will act as a green LED control line.


Enum (pl_int_num, byte)

Value Range:

Platform-specific, see the list of pl_int_num constants in the platform specifications.

Default values:

Channel 0: (-1) (no mapping, read-only): the green status LED (control line) of Tibbo device is always used by this channel;

Channels 1-4: PL_IO_NULL (non-existent line).

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Channel 0 is special — its LED control lines can't be remapped. This is because channel 0 uses standard green and red status LEDs (they are called SG and SR). For channel 0, reading the property always returns (-1), and writing has no effect.

All other channels use regular I/O lines of Tibbo devices. Any I/O line can be selected to be the green control line of the selected channel. By default, all control lines are mapped to the non-existent line PL_IO_NULL. Remap as needed and don't forget to configure the selected I/O line as an output — this won't happen automatically.