.autoconnect Property


Determines whether the device will automatically initialize all connectivity hardware and attempt to associate with a designated Wi-Fi network, maintain the connection, and reconnect if disconnected.


Enum (no_yes, byte)

Value Range:

0 - No (default)

1 - Yes

See Also:

wln.autoconnectssid, wln.autoconnectpassword, wln.dhcp, wln.boot


This property is read at boot and must be enabled to enter Wi-Fi debug mode.

This property requires wln.autoconnectssid and wln.autoconnectpassword to provide the desired Wi-Fi network SSID and password, respectively. After altering either of those properties, the device must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.

If wln.autoconnect is disabled, wln.dhcp must be called before wln.boot to enable DHCP functionality in the traditional Wi-Fi operating mode.