Simple, Secure HTTP Requests

Simple, secure HTTP requests

Cody, our project code generator, creates the basic framework for your applications while applying Tibbo's best coding practices. It has been updated with an embedded library that simplifies making HTTP requests over TLS. Thanks to Cody, configuring your device to connect to popular cloud services like Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services) is now simpler than ever before.

In Cody:

  • Select your device type
  • Configure your device's networking settings
  • Add a socket and set your target IP address and port
  • Enable HTTP Client
  • Configure all other parameters of your project as needed
  • Download the generated Tibbo BASIC project


  • Open the generated Tibbo BASIC project
  • Add your certificate
  • Call in callback_http_open_romfile (located in the device.tbs file)
  • Add the necessary logic to make an HTTP request — an example is included in the generated code!