Kp Object


This is the keypad (kp.) object, it allows you to work with:

•A "matrix" keypad with up to 64 keys (8 scan lines by 8 return lines); or

•A "binary" keypad with up to 254 keys (where 8 return lines supply the binary code of the key pressed).


•Five distinctive states for each key allow you to create sophisticated keypad input. Individual programming of delay times for each state transition.

•Flexible mapping for scan and return lines — use any I/O lines, in any order. Scan lines can double as LED control lines.

•Ability to auto-disable the keypad when a certain key event/code combination is encountered.

•Ability to detect keypad lockup (useful for capacitive touch and other types of sensor keypads).

•Ability to use the object in the event or polled mode.