Bt Object


This is the Bluetooth (BT) object. At the moment, it only implements the BLE peripheral role and only offers the UART-over-BLE service. In the future, we are planning to extend the object to support "classic" BT communications, enable it to function in the central device role, and implement additional services.  


  • The bt. object is designed to work with Tibbo's WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on module*.
  • Supports BLE communications in the peripheral device role.
  • Implements Nordic- and Microchip-style UART-over-BLE service (TI emulation under development).
  • Enables fully asynchronous data handling through "data arrival" and "data sent" events.
  • Features adjustable receive (RX) and transmit (TX) buffers for optimal RAM utilization.
  • Detects RX buffer overflows.

*The bt. object does not work with our original GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on.