Network Updates

The Monitor/Loader (M/L) on the EM500, EM510, EM2000, EM2001, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2)) supports firmware updates via Ethernet.

The M/L on the WM2000 supports firmware updates over Wi-Fi, but only after the autoconnect parameter of the Device Configuration Block (DCB) has been set to yes.


To perform a firmware update over the network, you will need:

  • The firmware file to be uploaded to your device
  • The target device must be connected to the same network segment as your PC

    • The EM2001, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2) have an integrated RJ45 Ethernet jack.
    • The EM500, EM510, and EM2000 require an Ethernet front-end (magnetics and RJ45) to be connected externally. If your module is "on its own" (not integrated into a host device), then the easiest way to connect it to your Ethernet network is by plugging it into an evaluation (EV) board. We offer EV boards for all three devices.
    • For a WM2000, you will need to enable its association with a Wi-Fi access point that is a part of your local network. To achieve this, you will need to configure three DCB parameters: autoconnect, ssid, and password. This can be done via the BLE console or the Companion App that ships preloaded on WM2000 modules.
  • Tibbo's Device Explorer utility, which is available as a stand-alone application or as part of Tibbo IDE (TIDE).

  • You will need to be able to push the MD button on your Tibbo device (or pull its MD line LOW).
  • Optional: you will benefit from observing the patterns "played" by the status LEDs of your Tibbo device.

Update procedure

After connecting your Tibbo device to your local network — either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi — carry out the following steps to update its firmware:

  • The M/L flowchart shows how to place your device in the update mode's Network Phase. Alternatively, follow this step-by-step infographic:
  • On your computer, run the Device Explorer utility.
  • The target device should appear in the list and its version should read: "TiOS-32 Loader (Vx.xx)" — "Vx.xx" is the firmware version of the M/L.
  • If your device does not appear on the list, click Refresh to rescan the network for Tibbo devices.
  • Select the target device in the list, click Upload, and choose Load Firmware Through the Network.
  • A dialog will open prompting to select a file. After doing so, click Open to begin the upload (the green status LED will flicker while the yellow status LED will remain solid).
  • Your device will reboot automatically after the update is completed.

Additional details

  • If your device supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Updates, the M/L will advance to that phase if a network connection has not been established within 15 seconds.

    • On the WM2000, you can press the MD button to skip the network connection and advance to the BLE Phase.
    • On the WM2000, if the autoconnect DCB parameter is set to no, the M/L will wait for 15 seconds without making any actual attempts to associate with an access point.
  • If your device doesn't support BLE updates, the M/L will wait indefinitely to establish a network connection.

For more information on the various update modes and how the M/L selects and handles them, see these two flowcharts: