Library Defines (Options)

Any of the options below look cryptic? Read the Operation Details section.

WLN_DEBUG_PRINT (default= 0)

0- no debug information.

1- print debug information into the output pane. Debug printing only works when the project is in the debug mode. However, still set this option to 0 for release, as this will save memory and code space.


Some access points, notably CISCO devices, are so impatient during the WPA1/WPA2 handshake process, that printing debug info makes them timeout. If you notice that the WLN library is stuck in the endless association loop, and you are sure that your password is set correctly, then try disabling debug printing!

WLN_RESET_MODE (default= 0)

0- dedicated RST line. Remember to define this line's mapping with WLN_RST.

1- CS and CLK lines are to generate reset. Use the reset generation circuit as shown on diagram B in Connecting GA1000 and WA2000 topic.

WLN_RST (default= PL_IO_NULL)

RST line mapping. Only relevant when WLN_RESET_MODE= 0.

WLN_CS (default= PL_IO_NULL)

CS line mapping.

WLN_DI (default= PL_IO_NULL)

DI line mapping.

WLN_DO (default= PL_IO_NULL)

DO line mapping.

WLN_CLK (default= PL_IO_NULL)

CLK line mapping.

WLN_KEEP_ALIVE (default= 0)

0- do not send keepalive UDP datagrams (saves code and memory space).

1- send keepalive UDP datagrams to prevent disassociation from the access point.

WLN_KEEP_ALIVE_TOUT (default= 120)

Time interval, in 1/2 second increments, between keepalive UDP datagrams. This assumes that on_sys_timer runs at 0.5 second intervals.

Only relevant when WLN_KEEP_ALIVE=1.

WLN_WPA (default= 0)

0- disable WPA1/WPA2 support (saves code and memory space).

1- enable WPA1/WPA2 support.