Library Options

The Library Options section of the configurator screen lists all configurable options.

Debug Printing check box

Check (enable) to print debug information into the output pane. Debug printing only works when the project is in the debug mode. Always uncheck this for release, as this will save memory and code space.

Use EEPROM / Use Flash Disk option boxes

Defines whether non-volatile settings are to be stored in the EEPROM or in the file (on the flash disk). Choose Use EEPROM whenever possible.

Filename text box

When Use Flash Disk is selected, defines the filename in which the setting values will be stored on the flash disk.

Timestamp check box

When checked (enabled), stores the date and time of the most recent setting modification. One timestamp is kept for all members of each setting.

Redundancy drop-down

No Redunduncy - only one copy of data is stored for all settings.

Two copies for EEPROM - two copies of data are stored for non-volatile settings. Only one copy is maintained for volatile settings.

Two copies for ALL - two copies of data are stored for all settings (non-volatile as well as volatile).

Custom RAM

Check (enable) to be able to create your own routines for writing and reading volatile settings through callback_stg_vm_read() and callback_stg_vm_write().