Step-by-Step Usage Instructions

Minimal steps

1.Make sure you have the SOCK library in your project.

1.Add scap.tbs, scap.tbh, scap.html, and scap_bmpfile.html files to your project (they are in current_library_set\scap).

2.Change the type of scap.html and scap_bmpfile.html files:

a.Right-click on each file in the Files pane;

b.In the Change File Type dialog, select HTML File (BASIC) under Type.

3.Add include "scap\scap.tbh" to the includes section of the global.tbh file.

4.Call scap_start() to initialize the library. Observe the result — if the function returns anything other than EN_SCAP_STATUS_OK then something went wrong!

5.Make sure your app properly sets up the lcd. object and the LCD screen – the SCAP library does not take care of this.

6.Make sure that your device is running with a valid IP address. This is necessary because screen grabs are obtained via an HTML page.

7.To capture the screen, point your browser to http://<your device's IP address>/scap.html and click the Capture the screen button on the HTML page.