The SCAP library adds the ability to take the screenshots of the LCD screen of TPP2L and TPP2L(G2) devices. To execute a screen capture, point the browser to http://<your device's IP address>/scap.html and click the Capture the screen button on the HTML page. Here is an example of a screen grab obtained in this fashion:


Library Info

Supported platforms:

TPP2W-G2, EM2000W, and other platforms supporting our standard 320x240 TFT LCD screen

Files to include:

scap.tbs, scap.tbh, scap.html, scap_bmpfile.html (from current_library_set\scap\).


SOCK library

API procedures:

Use API procedures to interact with the library.

scap_start() — starts the SCAP library.

Event procedures:


Callback procedures:


Required buffer space: