PPPOE Library

The PPPOE library handles PPPoE login and configuration. Together with the pppoe. object, it forms a complete PPPoE solution for your device.

The library is event-based and non-blocking — it quietly runs in the background and takes a minimal amount of CPU time.

Library Info

Supported platforms:

Any platform with the Ethernet (net.) interface.

Files to include:

Pppoe.tbs, pppoe.tbh (from current_library_set\pppoe\trunk\).


SOCK library.

API procedures:

Use API procedures to interact with the library.

pppoe_start() — starts the PPPoE login/configuration process.

pppoe_stop() — stops (aborts) PPPOE login/configuration or session.

Event procedures:

Call event procedures from corresponding event handlers, as described here.

pppoe_proc_timer() — call this from the on_sys_timer() event handler.

pppoe_proc_data() — call this from the on_sock_data_arrival() event handler.

Callback procedures:

Implement the bodies of callback procedures elsewhere in your project.

callback_pppoe_ok() — called when the library completes PPPoE login/configuration.

callback_pppoe_failure() — called when PPPoE login/configuration or established link fails.

callback_pppoe_pre_buffrq() — called when the library needs to allocate buffer space and the required space is not available.

Required buffer space:

2 buffer pages. These are never released, even when you do pppoe_stop().