FILENUM (File Numbers) Library

The FILENUM library automates file number assignment. The fd. object supports up to fd.maxopenedfiles opened files. Using the FILENUM library, your code can get an unused file number, work with the file "on" this number, then release the file number into a pool of free file numbers.

Library Info

Supported platforms:

Any platform with the fd. object.

Files to include:

Filenum.tbs, filenum.tbh (from current_library_set\filenum\trunk\).



API procedures:

Use API procedures to interact with the library.

filenum_get() — returns a free file number or 255 if no free file numbers left.

filenum_who_uses() — returns the signature of the specified file number's user.

filenum_release() — releases the file number.

Event procedures:


Callback procedures:


Required buffer space: