Several procedures in the library utilize the en_wln_status_codes enum. This enum has the following members:

0- WLN_STATUS_OK: Success.

1- WLN_STATUS_OUT_OF_SOCKETS: No free sockets available for the library to operate.

2- WLN_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER_SPACE: Insufficient number of buffer pages available and the call to callback_wln_pre_buffrq() failed to cure the problem.

3- WLN_STATUS_MISSING_FIRMWARE_FILE: You forgot to add "ga1000fw.bin" file to your project.

4- WLN_STATUS_BOOT_FAILURE: Wi-Fi hardware could not be booted (improperly connected? turned off? ...).

5- WLN_STATUS_INVALID_SECURITY_MODE: Incorrect security mode specified in the security_mode argument of the wln_start() function.

6- WLN_STATUS_INVALID_WEP_KEY: WEP64 or WEP128 was specified when calling to wln_start(), and the length of the key argument is incorrect. The length must be 10  HEX  characters (characters 09, AF, or a~f ) for WEP64, and 26 HEX characters for WEP128.

7- WLN_STATUS_SCANNING_FAILURE: Failed to discover the target wireless network.

8- WLN_STATUS_ASSOCIATION_FAILURE: Failed to associate with the target wireless network.

9- WLN_STATUS_DISASSOCIATION: Wi-Fi interface got disassociated from the target wireless network.

10- WLN_STATUS_UNEXPECTED_ERROR: Well, this is something... unexpected :).

11- WLN_STATUS_NOT_STARTED: The procedure couldn't be executed because the library hasn't been started (call wln_start() first).

12- WLN_STATUS_BUSY: The procedure couldn't be executed because the library is busy. Try again after a short delay.