Several procedure in the library utilize the en_stg_status_codes enum. This enum has the following members:

0- EN_STG_STATUS_OK: operation completed successfully.

1- EN_STG_STATUS_NOT_STARTED: stg_start() was not used or failed.

2- EN_STG_STATUS_OUT_OF_FILE_NUMBERS: need to open a file and there are no free file numbers left (possible only when STG_STORAGE_MEMORY is "1").

3- EN_STG_STATUS_WRONG_DEFINE: wrong #define value.

4- EN_STG_STATUS_WRONG_DESCRIPTOR: wrong descriptor file data.

5- EN_STG_STATUS_UNKNOWN: unknown setting or invalid setting number.

6- EN_STG_STATUS_INVALID_INDEX: invalid index (out-of-range).

7- EN_STG_STATUS_FAILURE: read failure or write failure (checksum error, hardware malfunction, etc.).

8- EN_STG_STATUS_INVALID: invalid setting value.