Library Defines (Options)

Any of the options below look cryptic? Read the Operation Details section.

DHCP_DEBUG_PRINT (default= 0)

0- no debug information.

1- print debug information into the output pane. Debug printing only works when the project is in the debug mode. However, still set this option to 0 for release, as this will save memory and code space.

DHCP_MAX_RETRIES (default= 3)

The number of retry attempts in one batch of DHCP configuration attempts.

DHCP_WAIT_TIME (default= 2)

Maximum waiting time, in seconds, for the DHCP server to respond to the device's request.

DHCP_MAX_RETRY_DELAY (default= 10)

Maximum waiting time, in seconds, between the retry attempts within one batch of retries. Actual waiting time is randomized between 1 and DHCP_RANDOM_RETRY_DELAY seconds.

DHCP_POST_FAIL_DELAY (default= 180)

Delay, in seconds, between the batches of retries.


Maximum device (host) name length.