Step 3: Adding Table A-variables

This step corresponds to test_agg_lib_3.

This is an access control project, hence it requires a user table which will keep user names and ID codes. In this step we create this user table.

The steps

Notice that...

  1. The TBL library [not yet documented] is now in the project. Inspect the on_sys_init() event handler — it contains several things related to the library's operation: the flash disk is mounted and formatted if necessary. The flash disk is also formatted during the initialization. Tbl_start() [not yet documented] is called.
  2. The FILENUM library is now in the project — it is required by the TBL library.
  3. Tables.xtxt defines the USER table.
  4. Aggregate.xtxt contains new table A-variable.
  5. Notice how the AggreGate Hash option is enabled in the table configurator [not yet documented]. This is because the AGG library requires this.

The result

Now you have an editable user table! It isn't yet "connected" to anything in any useful way — we will take care of this later.