Status LEDs (LED Control Lines)

BASIC/C-programmable devices supplied by Tibbo have several LEDs (or lines to control externally attached LEDs).

Red and Green status LEDs

Every Tibbo device has two status LEDs — red and green — that are used to indicate various device modes and states. We refer to these LEDs as "Status green" (SG) and "Status Red" (SR) LEDs. These LEDs are used:

  • By the Monitor/Loader (M/L):

    • During the device boot, after the M/L verifies the integrity of TiOS, these LEDs may show the "TiOS is not loaded or corrupted" error;

    • When the M/L is in one of the update modes, these LEDs indicate the update progress and various update errors.

  • By TiOS:

    • When a Tibbo BASIC/C app is not running, these LEDs show the current state of the Tibbo BASIC/C app;

    • When a Tibbo BASIC/C app is running, the status LEDs are under the control of the app (thought the pat. object).

The following table summarizes important LED patterns that you will need to recognize:





Green and red LEDs blinking in turns at high speed

TiOS is not loaded or corrupted








Green LED is permanently on

The M/L is ready to receive a file





Green LED is flickering unevenly

The M/L is receiving a file





Red LED is permanently on

The WA2000 is booting (for the BLE update)





Green and redLEDs permanently on

The M/L is copying data after receiving the file via the BLE interface





Green LED blinking at slow speed

File upload completed successfully





"One long + one short" red LED pattern

Communications error during the file transfer

(or when trying to boot the WA2000**)




"One long + two short" red LED pattern

The file is too large




"One long + three short" red LED pattern

FLASH memory failure




"One long + four short" red LED pattern

The file is invalid (that is, contains invalid data)




Red LED blinking at low speed

Timeout while waiting for XModem file sending to start****




* X = XModem serial updates, E = Ethernet updates, B = Bluetooth Low-Energy updates.

** Pertains only to hardware and the M/L versions supporting BLE updates. The error will be shown when the WA2000 is malfunctioning, not present, or when the Wi-Fi add-on installed is not the WA2000.

*** Instead of indicating these states using LEDs, the M/L reports them to the Device Exlorer utility (that is used to send the file to Tibbo devices via the Ethernet network.

**** Legacy error. We are removing it from our M/L code.

  • When TiOS is running AND a Tibbo BASIC app is not executing:





Green LED blinking at high speed

A valid Tibbo BASIC/C app is loaded (and is not executing)


Red LED blinking at high speed

Tibbo BASIC/C appn is not loaded or corrupted

Ethernet status LEDs

Many devices also have one or two LEDs that indicate the status of the Ethernet link. See the Programmable Hardware Manual for details.

Status LEDs of the EM500, EM510, and DS1100

On the EM500, EM510, and DS1100 SR and SG LEDs function just as described above, but with one caveat: the brightness of these LEDs is indicative of the current Ethernet link state. When live Ethernet cable is not plugged into the device, these LEDs "play" patterns at a reduced brightness. When a live Ethernet cable is plugged in, these LEDs "play" patterns at full brightness. This is a patented feature that we refer to as "dual-function LEDs."