.Setfont Method


Selects a font to use for printing text.


lcd.setfont(offset as dword) as ok_ng


0- OK: The font was found and the data appears to be valid.

1- NG: There is no valid font data at specified offset.

See Also:

Working with Text




Offset within the compiled binary of your application at which the font file is stored.


A valid font file must be selected before you can use the lcd.print , lcd.printaligned , or lcd.getprintwidth methods. Naturally, the font file must be present in your project for this to work (see how to add a font file). To obtain correct offset, open the file using the romfile.open method, then read the offset of this file from the romfile.offset R/O property.

When the font file is successfully selected, the lcd.fontheight and lcd.fontpixelpacking R/O properties will be updated to reflect actual font parameters.