.Backcolor Property


Specifies current background color.



Value Range:

0-65535. Default= 0.

See Also:

Understanding Controller Properties, Working With Pixels and Colors, lcd.forecolor, lcd.linewidth


The background color is used when drawing filled rectangles (lcd.filledrectangle) and performing fills (lcd.fill).

Property value interpretation depends on the currently selected controller/panel. Selection is made through the Customize Platform dialog, accessible through the Project Settings dialog.

The property is of word type, but only the lcd.bitsperpixel lower bits of this value will be relevant. All higher bits will be ignored.

For monochrome and grayscale controllers/panels (lcd.paneltype= 0- PL_LCD_PANELTYPE_GRAYSCALE), this value will relate to the brightness of the pixel. For color panels/controllers (lcd.paneltype= 1- PL_LCD_PANELTYPE_COLOR) the value is composed of three fields — one each for the red, green, and blue "channels". Check lcd.redbits, lcd.greenbits, and lcd.bluebits properties to see how the fields are combined into the color word.