Platform- and User-defined Types

Platform-defined types

Each platform defines a number of custom enumeration types , which are groups of related constants.

The list of available types can be found in the Project Browser pane : View > Project-Browser , then Platforms -> Types .

User-defined types

In Tibbo BASIC, a new variable type can be defined using the type construct .

In addition, you can define your own enumeration types.

In Tibbo C, in addition to the struct and union constructs there is also a typedef keyword. It allows you to define your own variable types:

** Tibbo C **

typedef unsigned char U8;            //defining a different name for an existing variable type
U8 x;

typedef struct data_packet_struct{   //a new type of structure...
   U8 len;
   U8 packet_data[200];
}data_packet;                        //... and an immediate declaration of a variable of this type...

data_packet_struct outgoing_data;    //... and another variable of this type