.Enabled Property


Enables or disables the keypad.


Enum (no_yes, byte)

Value Range:

0- NO (default): The keypad is disabled.

1- YES: The keypad is enabled.

See Also:

Preparing the Keypad for Operation


The keypad is only active when the kp. object is enabled (kp.enabled= 1- YES).

The keypad will be auto-disabled if an overflow is detected (see on_kp_overflow event), or if one of the conditions for automatic keypad disablement is met (see kp.autodisablecodes).

Every time the keypad is re-enabled, each key's state is set to 0- PL_KP_EVENT_LONGRELEASED, and the keypad event FIFO is cleared.

It is only possible to change the values of kp. object's properties when the kp.enabled= 0- NO.