.Autodisablecodes Property


Defines what key event + key code combinations disable the keypad (set kp.enabled= 0- NO).



Value Range:

Up to four comma-separated event/code pairs. Default= "".

See Also:

Key States and Transitions


This property should contain a comma-separated list of event codes and key codes, for example: "2,15,0,20". In this example, two event/code pairs are "2,15" and "0,20". Event "2" is 2- PL_KP_EVENT_PRESSED, and event "0" is 0- PL_KP_EVENT_LONGRELEASED. "15" and "20" are key codes. So, the keypad will be disabled when the key with code 15 is detected to be _PRESSED, or the key with code 20 is detected to be _LONGRELEASED.

The kp.autodisablecodes string should only contain a list of decimal numbers. That is, use "2" and not "2- PL_KP_EVENT_PRESSED". Only numerical characters are processed anyway — writing "2- PL_KP_EVENT_PRESSED,15,0- PL_KP_EVENT_LONGRELEASED,20" will set this property to "2,15,0,20" anyway. You can, of course, use the following way to set kp.autodisablecodes:


This property can only be changed when the keypad is disabled (kp.enabled= 0- NO).