Step 7: Gluing it All Together

This step corresponds to test_agg_lib_7.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let's crown this application with some glue code. Observe the code and notice the following...

  1. Handling of the BR setting A-variable:

 - Every time we select new baudrate in AggreGate, callback_stg_post_set() is invoked. Our code there calls baudrate_set(). Don't understand how this works? Read Using Pre-gets and Post-sets.

 - We also call baudrate_get() from callback_stg_pre_get().

 - Baudrate_get() is also invoked from setup_serial_port(), which is called from the on_sys_init().

  1. Handling of the UT setting A-variable: again, we just return the actual door status in callback_stg_pre_get(). If you may recall, the MD button is used as a make-believe door sensor.
  2. The GE setting A-variable now properly allows or prevents the events from generating.
  3. Handling of user access codes is in the on_ser_data_arrival event handler.