You can test this application with Tibbo's IO Ninja software.

note_further-wtIn case you are using the TiOS Simulator, remember to install IO Ninja on another PC. IO Ninja will not be able to talk to the simulator if both are installed on the same PC.

Further, the simulator must have its Use WinPcap option enabled ( Simulator > Options) and the correct Ethernet interface must be selected. This should be the Ethernet interface, through which the simulator's PC is connected to the network. You must have this PC connected to the network via the Ethernet interface. Using other interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, will prevent the simulator from being able to communicate on the network. All this is explained in Network Communications on the Simulator.

To test your application, run IO Ninja and select File > New Session > TCP Connection Socket.


Type the destination IP:port into the Address box. For example, if the device's (simulator's) IP address is, then the string to enter is

Reminder: the device's (simulator's) IP address is the one defined by the net.ip=line in your source code.

Click the Connect button.


At this point you will receive the customary "HELLO WORLD!" message.

Type anything into the Send pane and click Send.

You device will echo the data back.