If you have a hardware Tibbo device (such as the TPS2L)

  1. Connect your TPS2L to the wall power outlet (using a Tibbo-supplied adapter).
  2. Connect the TPS2L to your Ethernet LAN (i.e. your hub or a switch). There should be no routers or bridges between your PC and the TPS2L. Only hubs (switches) are OK.
  3. Install the Tibbo IDE 5 software (you can download it from the Tibbo website). You will be prompted to install WinPCap as well; click "Yes."

If you are planning to use the TiOS Simulator


Certain networking limitations pertaining to the simulator prevent you from getting through this tutorial using just one PC. To test the TCP echo application you are about to create, you will need at least two PCs.

Install TIDE and the TiOS Simulator on the first PC, and install IO Ninja (our terminal/sniffer software that we will use in this tutorial) on the second PC.

For things to work, you MUST check the Use WinPCap checkbox, found in the simulator's Settings Dialog ( Simulator > Settings). You must also select the correct Ethernet interface in the drop-down. This should be the Ethernet interface through which the simulator's PC is connected to the network. You MUST have the simulator's PC connected to the network via the Ethernet interface. Using other interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, will prevent the simulator from being able to communicate on the network. All this is explained in Network Communications on the Simulator.


note_warning-wtIf the Use WinPcap checkbox appears disabled, this means that the WinPcap driver is not present on your system.

In this case, run the TIDE and/or the TiOS Simulator installer and, when prompted for WinPCap installation, choose to install it.