Your First Project

starter TPS2L front mediumLet's start with a simple project. Here is a walk-through for a starter project called "TCP echo."

Your device will echo back whatever you send to it over a TCP/IP link.

The project will run on any programmable Tibbo device with an Ethernet port.

We will use the TPS2L system in the "Starter TPS2L" configuration.

Don't have one? Order it here: (and don't forget to buy an adapter, too).

Not ready to invest in real Tibbo hardware just yet? The project will also work on the TiOS Simulator.

What you can do with the Starter TPS2L system

The "Starter TPS2L" configuration has enough goodies to keep you playing with your new toy for weeks, including:

  • A color TFT display — use the lcd. object to add graphics to your application.
  • Four sensor keys — provide user input with the kp. (keypad) object.
  • A Wi-Fi module — add wireless communications with the wln. (Wi-Fi) and sock. (sockets) object.
  • An RS232/422/485 Tibbit (#02) — send and receive serial data with the help of the ser. object (and also un-brick the device if you accidentally brick it).  
  • A relay Tibbit (#03-1) — control small loads.
  • A sensor Tibbit (#04-1) with two optically isolated inputs — sense the outside world.

And, of course, there is an Ethernet port (and the net. object). Upload and debug right through the network. Talk in TCP and UDP using the sock. object. Access your device from a web browser.  

Wait, there's more: Status LEDs and the MD button, a buzzer, a real-time clock... Have we piqued your interest?