.Delete Method


Deletes a file with the specified file name from the flash disk.


fd.delete(byref name as string) as pl_fd_status_codes


One of the following pl_fd_status_codes, also affects fd.laststatus:

0- PL_FD_STATUS_OK: Completed successfully.

1- PL_FD_STATUS_FAIL : Physical flash memory failure (fatal).

2- PL_FD_STATUS_CHECKSUM_ERR: Checksum error has been detected in one of the disk sectors (fatal).

3- PL_FD_STATUS_FORMAT_ERR: Disk formatting error has been detected (fatal).

8- PL_FD_STATUS_NOT_READY: The disk is not mounted.

9- PL_FD_STATUS_NOT_FOUND: File not found.

14- PL_FD_STATUS_TRANSACTION_CAPACITY_EXCEEDED: Too many disk sectors have been modified in the cause of the current transaction (fatal).

See Also:

Creating, Deleting, and Renaming Files, , File Names and Attributes,

fd.create, fd.rename, fd.getnumfiles, fd.maxstoredfiles




A string (1-56 characters) with the file name. All characters after the first space encountered (excluding leading spaces) will be ignored. File names are case-sensitive.


This method makes changes to the sectors of the flash disk. For the highest possible reliability, use disk transactions when invoking it.