.Copyfirmware Method (Selected Platforms Only)


Copies the specified number of sectors (starting from the logical sector 0) from the data area into the TiOS/application area of the flash memory, then reboots the device to make it run new TiOS/application.


fd.copyfirmware(numsectors as word)



See Also:

Upgrading the Firmware/Application, Direct Sector Access

fd.copyfirmware, fd.copyfirmwarelzo, fd.copyfromfile, fd.copyfromfilelzo




Number of sectors to copy.


The data must start with TiOS firmware, optionally followed by the compiled Tibbo BASIC/C application binary.

The numsectors argument must be specified to cover at least the size of the TiOS firmware. Specifying fewer sectors than that will abort the execution of this method.

Certain platforms do not support this method. Refer to your platform documentation for details.

On 32-bit platforms, this method will only work if your device has Monitor V2.00 or higher. Ask Tibbo support for a free Monitor upgrader application.


BE VERY CAREFUL! Using this method on incorrect data will "incapacitate" your device and further remote upgrades will become impossible. You will need to visit your device's site and upload correct firmware and/or application, possibly through its serial port. Scary, huh?