Several procedures in the library utilize the en_pppoe_status_codes enum. This enum has the following members:

0- PPPOE_STATUS_OK: success.

1- PPPOE_STATUS_OUT_OF_SOCKETS: no free sockets available for the library to operate.

2- PPPOE_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER_SPACE: insufficient number of buffer pages available and the call to callback_pppoe_pre_buffrq() failed to cure the problem.

3- PPPOE_TIMEOUT: PPPoE login/configuration or established link failed — timeout while waiting for the reply from the ADSL modem (access concentrator).

4- PPPOE_CONFIGURATION_ERROR: PPPoE login/configuration failed — something went wrong... and on the PPPoE many things can go wrong. Perhaps, login name or password should be re-checked?

5- PPPOE_STOPPED: pppoe_stop() was called.