Enum pl_int_num

Enum pl_int_num contains the list of constants that refer to available interrupt lines. Interrupt lines are mapped to GPIO lines (this mapping can't be altered). Keep in mind that for an interrupt line to work you need to configure the corresponding GPIO line as input.

Enum pl_int_num for this platform includes the following constants:

PL_INT_NUM_0:Interrupt line 0 (mapped onto I/O line 0).
PL_INT_NUM_1:Interrupt line 1 (mapped onto I/O line 1).
PL_INT_NUM_2:Interrupt line 2 (mapped onto I/O line 2).
PL_INT_NUM_3:Interrupt line 3 (mapped onto I/O line 3).
PL_INT_NUM_4:Interrupt line 4 (mapped onto I/O line 4).
PL_INT_NUM_5:Interrupt line 5 (mapped onto I/O line 5).
PL_INT_NUM_6:Interrupt line 6 (mapped onto I/O line 6).
PL_INT_NUM_7:Interrupt line 7 (mapped onto I/O line 7).
PL_INT_NULL:This is a NULL interrupt line that does not physically exist.