New Project Dialog


File > New Project. ****See also: File Types, Project Settings dialog, Device Explorer.

new project_dialog

You must select the following:

Platform. Select the target platform (i.e. the type of device you will be coding for).

The target platform can be changed at any time through the Project Settings dialog.

Available project types. Choose the template to start from.

Project name. TIDE will create a folder and a .TPR file with this name inside this folder.

More on this in the Working With TIDE Projects topic.


Source library set. For a new project you will typically leave this field at its default selection.

The Library Sets topic contains more info on the subject.

Location. This is the folder in which the project folder will be created.

It's a good practice to maintain a single master folder for all your TIDE projects.

The default selection is Documents\TIDE\MyProjects.

Transport. This decides how TIDE communicates with the selected debug target.

Unless you know what you are doing leave this at WinPCap (non-broadcast) UDP Transport.

Target address. This is the address of the debug target.

You can always set it later, through the Device Explorer utility.