Setting MAC Address (Optional)

The Bluetooth intrface of the WA2000 has its own MAC address — it is preset during the manufacturing of the module. Leave the bt.mac at its default pre-boot value of "", boot up the WA2000 (wln.boot), and the bt.mac will be updated with the pre-assigned address that is stored inside the module.

You can use another MAC if you want, too. Set the desired MAC address before booting up the WA2000, and this MAC will be used instead of the pre-assigned one. That is, if bt.mac is set to anything but "" and then wln.boot is called, then "your" MAC will be used instead.

The pre-assigned MAC inside the Wi-Fi module will not be altered. It is always there and can be called up by leaving bt.mac at "all zeroes", then booting up the WA2000.