.rxbuffsize R/O Property


Returns the current capacity, in bytes, of the BLE's RX buffer.



Value Range:

0 - buffer capacity

See Also:

Allocating TX and RX buffers


To change the buffer capacity, use the bt.rxbuffrq method followed by the sys.buffalloc method. The bt.rxbuffrq method requests buffer allocation in 256-byte pages, whereas this property returns the buffer size in bytes. The relationship between the two is as follows: bt.rxbuffsize = num_pages * 256 - 33 (or = 0 when num_pages = 0), where "num_pages" is the number of buffer pages that was GRANTED through bt.rxbuffrq. "- 33" is because a number of bytes is needed for internal buffer variables.

The BLE interface is unable to receive data when its RX buffer has zero capacity.