About _get_info() API Functions

Most libraries include _get_info() API functions (as an example, see dhcp_get_info). These are created with a purpose of providing a standard interface for obtaining various library information. "Questions" your application may want to "ask" will depend on the nature of the library.

Each _get_info() procedure accepts, as the main parameter, the info_element argument, which specifies what kind of information is being requested. There is always a corresponding _info_elements enum, which lists all information elements available.

There is also a second argument — extra_data (string) — which is used for passing additional information when necessary.

For universality, _get_info() functions return data in a string form. It is your application's responsibility to handle the returned data correctly. For example, if you requested the number of buffer pages required for correct library operation, then your application should convert the returned string into a value.