Wi-Fi and BLE Communications

The WM2000 is a wireless device featuring integrated Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2) interfaces.

The Wi-Fi interface is controlled via the wln. object, while the BLE interface is under the management of the bt. object (see the TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual).

The three important improvements to the Wi-Fi functionality of the WM2000 compared to its predecessors are:

  • Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) V1.2 using RSA keys with a maximum length of 2048 bytes. Due to memory limitations, TLS is available on a single outgoing TCP connection.
  • Wi-Fi autoconnect — optional automatic association with (connection to) specified access points (networks). When the autoconnect feature is enabled, the WM2000 will attempt to stay connected whenever possible.
  • Tibbo BASIC/C code debugging via Wi-Fi (this requires autoconnect to be enabled).

The autoconnect feature, as well as Wi-Fi debugging, can be enabled and disabled through:

The following table lists the related DCB parameters and properties of the sys. and wln. objects:

DCB parameter

wln. or sys. property