Ordering Info and Specifications

WM2000 devices are supplied with an onboard chip antenna and a U.FL connector for attaching an external antenna.

The module carries a jumper resistor defining which of the two antennas will be used. Use the following ordering codes for specifying the jumper resistor's position:

  • WM2000C — resistor installed vertically: the onboard chip antenna is selected (default configuration)
  • WM2000U — resistor installed horizontally: the U.FL connector is selected

Hardware specifications

Wireless interfaces

802.11a/b/g/n + BLE4.2

Serial ports

Two ports, CMOS-level

UART capabilities

Baudrates of up to 921,600bps; none/even/odd/mark/space parity and 7/8 bits/character

Number of I/O lines

10 general-purpose I/O lines, two of which can serve as interrupts.

GPIO lines 0-7 are combined into port P0, lines 8-9 — into port P1.

Max. load current for each I/O line

12mA for all lines except GPIO1 and GPIO3

1mA for GPIO1 and GPIO3

Pulse-width modulation

PWM output of between 30Hz and 20KHz available on up to nine GPIO lines.

Frequency and duty cycle programming with a 16-bit resolution.

A core clock of 2MHz is used for all lines and is not user-configurable.

Clock frequency


Program flash memory

4MB program flash for TiOS and up to two compiled application binaries.

System files use 960KB, TiOS occupies 1,448KB.

The remaining 1,688KB are available for storing user applications.

Flash disk

4MB for hardened, fault-tolerant file system. The entire disk can be used to store application data.

Typical write endurance is 100,000 write cycles per 512-byte sector. For more information, see Flash and EEPROM Memory.

EEPROM memory

2,048 bytes, 2,020 bytes are available for storing application data.

Typical write endurance is about 1,000,000 write cycles per 16-byte EEPROM sector. See Prolonging and Estimating EEPROM life.

Nominal power supply voltage (VCC pin)

DC 3.3V, ±5%

Reset circuit trip voltage (VCC pin)

~2.97V on power-up (i.e., when the voltage on VCC is rising)

Operating current (VCC pin)

Fully functional, scanning: ~150mA

Fully functional, associated: ~120mA

Occasional bursts of up to ~500mA

Backup power voltage range (VCCB pin)

1.8V - 3.3V

Backup current (VCCB pin)

30µA ±15% when the WM2000 is not powered (0V on VCC)

Operating temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Operating relative humidity


Mechanical dimensions (L x W x H)

45.1 x 28.15 x 3.5mm

All specifications are subject to change without notice and are for reference only. Tibbo assumes no responsibility for any errors in this manual and does not make any commitment to update the information contained herein.

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