Status LEDs and LED Control Lines

The WM2000 has three onboard LEDs — "Status Green" (SG), "Status Red" (SR), and "Status Yellow" (SY). Each LED, when turned on, draws about 4mA of current.

The three control lines driving the status LEDs are exposed on the WM2000's pins, thus allowing you to connect external LEDs in parallel with the ones embedded in the module. The total current drawn on each control line should not exceed 16mA. Therefore, your externally connected LEDs cannot consume more than 12mA of current. If you plan to use more powerful external LEDs, add external buffer gates or transistors as needed.


Further information on status LEDs can be found in Status LEDs.

Your Tibbo BASIC/C application can control the red and green status LEDs, as well as up to four LED pairs connected to GPIO lines through the pat. object, which is documented in the TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual.