The WA2000 is an upgrade to Tibbo's GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module. Notable improvements include:

  • Support for the 5GHz Wi-Fi band (802.11a and 801.11n standards).

  • Support for BLE4.2 communications.

  • WPA key calculation completely on the module, complex calculations in Tibbo BASIC/C are no longer necessary.

  • Firmware stored in the module's flash memory, thus eliminating the need to send the firmware file into the module on every boot.

  • The firmware can be upgraded from a Tibbo BASIC/C app or over-the-air (OTA), from Tibbo Updater iOS and Android apps.

  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85C.

The WA2000 is fully supported on Tibbo's ARM-based programmable devices: EM2000, EM2001, TPP2(G2), TPP3(G2).

The WA2000 is also partially supported on T1000-based programmable Tibbo products. Such devices can only access the Wi-Fi interface of the WA2000, as the BLE interface is not supported by related platforms. The devices are: DS1101, DS1102, EM1000, EM1001, EM1206, TPP2, TPP3.

Like the GA1000, the WA2000 utilizes an SPI interface and only requires five GPIOs to control. The module is supplied in two versions: the WA2000U with an U.FL connector for attaching an external antenna, and WA2000C device with a chip antenna onboard.

Please note that the WA2000 is a slave device and cannot be used on its own. This add-on will only work with one of Tibbo devices listed above.

Hardware features

  • Supports the following wireless communications standards:

    • 2.4/5.0GHz Wi-Fi (802.11abgn);

    • Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE4.2) (1).

  • Nearly 100% backward-compatible with the original GA1000 device.

  • Performs WPA key calculation completely internally.

  • Requires only five GPIO lines to control.

  • Internal firmware of the WA2000:

    • Stored in the WA2000's onboard flash memory.

    • Upgradeable from a Tibbo BASIC/C app or over-the-air (OTA) (2);

    • OTA updates may cover TiOS+Tibbo BASIC/C app of the host (2);

    • Tibbo supplies iOS/Android apps for performing OTA updates.

  • L.U.I.S. app for iOS and Android facilitates convenient HTML5-based configuration of host devices through the BLE interface (3).

  • Two antenna configurations:

    • WA2000U -- has a U.FL connector for an external antenna;

    • WA2000C -- carries a chip antenna onboard.

  • Red status LED for connection indication (4).

  • Power: 200mA @ 3.3V (active state with data transmission).

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42.0 x 20.0 x 5.8mm.

  • Prototyping-friendly 2.54mm (100mil) pin pitch.

  • Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85C.

  • FCC-certified, FCC ID: XOJ-WA2000.

  • CE certification pending.

(1) BLE is only supported on ARM-based Tibbo devices.

(2) Over-the-air (OTA) updates rely on the BLE interface and are only possible on ARM-based Tibbo devices.

(3) Requires a programmable Tibbo device running a Tibbo BASIC/C app supporting L.U.I.S. (through the use of the L.U.I.S. library).

(4) "Connection" means a BLE link or a Wi-Fi association with an access point.