Linux on TPS


The marriage of Tibbo's powerful programmable hardware and Linux opens up a world of new capabilities. There are two Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices specifically designed for Linux: the Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP3), which runs a Red Hat-based distribution, and the LTPP3(G2) with a customized Yocto-based distribution.

Compared to TiOS, Linux is infinitely more powerful and expandable. However, all the new opportunities Linux affords come at a cost — complexity. The Linux ecosystem is unimaginably vast and finding precisely what you need can sometimes be extremely challenging, even for experienced users.

The content in this section is not intended to serve as a how-to guide on using all of Linux. Instead, it addresses basic, introductory steps and specific usage scenarios related to running Linux on Tibbo hardware.

This section covers the following topics: