Power Arrangement

The TPP2 can be powered directly through two terminal blocks located next to the RJ45 jack. The board expects regulated +5V power. We recommend the power supply with at least 1-1.5A output current capability. 300mA of this power budget will be used for the TPP2 alone. The WA2000 Wi-Fi add-on, if present, will consume an additional 300mA of current. Installed Tibbits will also add to the overall power consumption.

Alternatively, the TPP2 can be powered using power supply Tibbits (such as #9, #10, #23, etc.), in which case there will be no need to connect +5V power to the board.

Some Tibbits (such as #13 or #14) require additional +15V and -15V power to function. These voltages are not generated by the TPP2 and can't be applied externally. The only way to produce them is to install a special power Tibbit #12.

The Tibbit Power Lines topic contains additional information on the subject.