Tibbo Project System (TPS)


Tibbo Project System (TPS) is a highly configurable and affordable modularized automation platform.

The TPS comprises three major components:


Tibbits (as in "Tibbo Bits") are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in brightly colored rectangular shells.

Want an ADC? There's a Tibbit for that. A 5V power supply? Got that! An RS232/422/485 port? We have this, and many other Tibbits, too.

Tibbo Project PCB (TPP)

Tibbo Project PCBs are motherboards that accommodate Tibbits. Each TPP carries a CPU, an Ethernet port, memory, status LEDs, buzzer, and a number of installation sockets for Tibbit blocks. Depending on the size, each TPP can fit up to 12 or 28 Tibbits.

TPPs come in two flavors: TPP2 and TPP3 boards that run Tibbo OS (TiOS) and execute applications written in Tibbo BASIC or Tibbo C (or both). The LTPP3 and LTPP3(G2) run Linux.

Tibbo Project Box (TPB)

Most projects require an enclosure. Designing one is a tough job. Making it beautiful is even more difficult and could also be prohibitively expensive. Not to worry! Your TPS can be ordered with a Tibbo Project Box (TPB) kit.

There is a TPB for every TPP size. You can also choose a TPB with an LCD display and sensor keys.

TPBs can be ordered unassembled (as part kits) or fully assembled. We also offer an optional retail packaging for TPBs, as well as vibration protection and DIN rail mounting kits.

TPP + Tibbits [+ TPB] = Tibbo Project System (TPS)

Combine a Tibbo Project PCB (TPP) with at least one Tibbit, and you get a Tibbo Project System (TPS). A TPS may or may not be housed in a Tibbo Project Box (TPB).

Configure your TPS online

For your convenience we've created the TPS Online Configurator, which allows you to choose the TPP, "plug in" Tibbits, and save your custom configuration under a unique name. The configurator will make sure your design is valid (i.e., Tibbit combinations are correct, the total power consumption is within the available power budget, etc.)

The configurator will also let you select options: whether the system should be shipped unassembled or assembled and in commercial packaging or not. You will be able to specify if your need the vibration protection kit, DIN rail mounting kit(s), and/or Wi-Fi.

You can immediately view and order validated configurations at our online store: http://tibbo.com/buy/tps/tpc.