Tibbits (as in "Tibbo Bits") are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality, designed to simplify your testing, prototyping, product development, and integration.

Tibbits implement a wide variety of I/O functions. Want an ADC? There is a Tibbit for this. 5V power supply? Got that! RS232/422/485 port? We have this, and many other Tibbits, too.

Tibbits are housed in color-coded rectangular shells. Their pins have a classic 2.54 (0.1") pitch, so they can be installed on prototyping boards. You can use Tibbits with virtually all popular microcontrollers (PIC, Atmel, ARM,...).

Tibbits are divided into Tibbit modules ("M" devices) and Tibbit connectors ("C" devices). There are also hybrid ("H") Tibbits that combine the two. Tibbit connectors have convenient hooks that additionally secure them on the board's edge.

Tibbits are an integral part of the Tibbo Project System. They plug into Tibbo Project PCBs and fit in our Tibbo Project Box enclosures. Connector Tibbits actually form two walls of a Tibbo Project Box, as you can clearly see on the general view image.