H1 "Hybrid" Tibbits


H1 Tibbits are merged M1T and C1 devices. They occupy the combined space of one M1 and one C1 Tibbit.

The H1 form factor is used when it is unsafe or undesirable to interconnect M1 and C1 Tibbits via a Tibbo Project PCB (or any other host board).

Examples of such cases are high-voltage and high-frequency (radio) circuits.

H1 devices can have up to four status LEDs on the M1 side.

I/O pins

H1 devices have no pins on their C1 "section":


Pins on the M1 section have the standard positioning, except not all of the pins 1-5 may or may not be present. This is because the M1 and C1 sections of hybrid devices are interconnected directly.