#35, C1: Barometric Pressure Sensor


Function: Barometric pressure sensor

Form factor: C1

Special needs: Tibbit #00-3

Power requirements: 5V/2mA

See also: #28, #29, #30, #36

tibbit_35tibbit-35-render label-35


This Tibbit is based on the MPL115A2 barometric pressure measurement IC with I2C interface. The sensor is implemented as the C1 device with perforated front face.

The module measures the atmospheric pressure with 0.15 kPa resolution and +/-1 kPa accuracy.

This C1 device requires the Tibbit #00-3 to be installed in the neighboring "M" Tibbit socket. #00-3 provides two direct lines for I2C comms, as well as the ground and +5V power for the MPL115A2 IC.

Sample project

The use of this Tibbit is illustrated by a Tibbo BASIC test project. Yo can find it here: https://github.com/tibbotech/CA-Test-Tibbit-35.