#23, M2T: Isolated PoE Power Supply, 5V Output


Function: Isolated PoE power supply with 5V output, shutdown control. Also can be used as generic isolated power supply with 35-60V input range.

Form factor: M2T

Category: Power supply module

Special needs: [POE] (unless used as a generic power supply)

Power requirements: PoE-compliant power source (unless used as a generic power supply, in which case external 35-60V power source is required)

Mates with: #19, #20, #21 (aligns with the lower portion of this Tibbit), #37

See also: #09, #10, #12, #25, #33



This Tibbit is capable of generating up to 1.3A of 5V power from the external PoE power source.

The following table details the maximum ambient temperature at given output current:

Output current

Ambient T

up to 1.3A

up to 50C

up to 1.0A

up to 60C

up to 0.5A

up to 80C

As the PoE device, this Tibbit must be installed in the POE socket. On the TPP2 board Tibbit #23 will occupy sockets S9 and S11. On the TPP3 board this Tibbit will occupy sockets S25 and S27. To connect the Tibbit to the Ethernet lines, four jumpers located next to the RJ45 jack will have to be in the "PoE (1-2)" position.  

Tibbit #23 can also be used as a generic isolated power supply. The 35-60V input range makes it ideal for applications relying on 48V power. In case of non-PoE use the external power is applied (in any polarity) via line pairs IO5/IO6 or IO7/IO8.

The module has a dedicated shutdown (-SDWN) line. Pull the line LOW to disable this Tibbit.


There is one green and one red LED. The green LED is connected to the +5V output and lights up when the voltage is present on this line. This LED's brightness varies depending on the load current. Red LED is connected to the -SHUTDOWN line and lights up when the line is LOW (i.e. when the power supply is in shutdown).