#10, M1T: Medium-power 5V Supply, 12V Input


Function: Medium-power non-isolated power supply with 5V output, 9-18V input range, and shutdown control

Form factor: M1T

Category: Power supply module

Special needs: ---

Power requirements: external 9-18V power

Mates with: #18, #19, #20, #21

See also: #09, #12, #23, #25, #33



This Tibbit is capable of generating up to 1100mA of 5V power from the external input in the 9-18V range. Multiple power supply Tibbits can be used to increase available current or for power redundancy.

The module has a dedicated shutdown (-SDWN) line. Pull the line LOW to disable this Tibbit.

Combine this Tibbit with #18 (it has a power jack and two terminal blocks), #20 (nine terminal blocks), or #21 (four terminal blocks).


There is one green and one red LED. The green LED is connected to the +5V output and lights up when the voltage is present on this line. Red LED is connected to the -SHUTDOWN line and lights up when the line is LOW (i.e. when the power supply is in shutdown). The red LED is buffered (with a logic gate).